There are plenty of baby and toddler friendly restaurants and cafes in Vienna. You will also find that most places will be able to facilitate you with a high chair.

The coffee houses around the pedestrianised city centre must be visited. They are an essential part of Viennese life and are largely child friendly with high chairs and baby changing facilities available. The atmosphere is great and the food is wonderful. For a quick eat with the kids you can pop into one and order a few finger sandwiches. These are open small sandwiches with all sorts of fillings. If you are into deserts then Vienna is for you. Sachertorte is local favourite. This is a chocolate and apricot cake that should really be sampled.Try the apple strudel in Vienna, it’s better than anywhere else in the world. There are also more ice cream parlours in Vienna than any other city in Europe and the quality is, of the highest order. All of these little eateries are run by descendants of Italian immigrants. Eis-Greissler is a perfect place to stop off for a summertime treat with your kids, while taking a break from your sight seeing.

Viennese cuisine by the way the only cuisine in the world named after a city is as much about how and where you eat as opposed to what you are eating. For instance the Schanigarten or sidewalk cafe is a temporary cafe set up in a public space, city square or pedestrian zone. These spaces just need to be located near public facilities and not block any other public access. These are great places for the kids to get out and enjoy the surroundings of the city while having their lunch or snack. The Gastgarten or restaurant garden is another eating experience to try in Vienna. restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating in garden like environments.Silberwirt by the Naschmarkt is recommended for its beautiful, child friendly outdoor space and delicious wiener schnitzel.

Sausage stands are everywhere in Vienna and will be popular with toddlers. Locals and tourists flock to these quick, cheap and tasty stands for frankfurters, hot dogs, bratwurst and kasekrainer. The city is perfectly set up for walking or cycling and picking up quick inexpensive meals as you go and with kids this makes it very easy.The Wurstelstand am Stadtpark is a favourite. Most of the kids attractions around the city have child friendly restaurants located within. Overall the city and its attractions have been very well planned out in terms of access, safety and menus when it comes to the little ones.