Hotel Auersperg

The Hotel Auersperg is a memorable place for you and your family to stay while in Salzburg. The hotel is 600 metres from the old town and a stone’s throw from Mirabell Gardens. This is a third generation boutique hotel with plenty of charm and is famous for its delicious breakfast buffet. There are family rooms and suites available and buggies accessibility is not a problem.

Hotel Krone 1512

The Hotel Krone 1512 is also recommended. Situated in the heart of the old town. you will not have to travel far after your long day out with your baby or toddler. Built in 1512 and since renovated the hotel is very family friendly. It also boasts a stunning garden where your children can play and you can look out over the old city.

There are also a whole range of apartments from you to choose from, for your stay in Salzburg. Apartments in the city are generally spacious, well furnished and reasonably priced. There are many agencies through which you can rent a property. But as always, check that it matches your family’s criteria and has safe stairways including baby gates. Safe hand rails, safe balcony area and is accessible to buggies.