Salzburg’s W.A Mozart Flughafen ( airport ) is the perfect entry point into this central European city.

Most European countries will have direct flights to the airport throughout the year. Low fare carriers such as Ryanair also fly into Salzburg. For travelers from outside Europe you will most likely have to fly to one of Europe’s hubs, such as London HTW, Frankfurt or Paris before making your connection to Salzburg. The beauty of flying here is that it is so convenient when you land as the airport is only a few miles outside the city. Buses leave the terminal every 15-20 minutes for the central train station in the city centre. The airport also has a train service which carries passengers to the city every 15 minutes. Both modes of transport are stroller accessible. There are also rental car desks in the main arrivals hall.

Traveling by train to Salzburg is very straightforward.There are a whole host of neighbouring cities that connect directly to Salzburg’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station).

All are modern and are child and stroller friendly. Tickets, in general can be bought easily at most European train stations. For more information on train travel to and from Salzburg visit for comprehensive route, schedule and ticketing information.

Austria has a wonderful motorway, very similar to that of Germany. Before entering Austria from a neighbouring country you will need to purchase a vignette. This is a type of sticker you attach to the windscreen of your car to show that you have paid the taxes and tolls required by law. Vignettes can be purchased in local gas stations or motorway rest stops before entering Austria. For more information on motoring in Austria please visit