Although it is a city surrounded by hills on all sides, Salzburg is easy to get around on foot, by bus or train, or with your stroller.

Salzburg has its own S-Bahn which has a modern integrated set of stations to service the city. All of the trains and carriages are accessible with strollers.

The Mönchsberg lift will allow you to ascend the Mönchsberg hill and arrive at the Museum der Moderne. This lift is an easy and inexpensive tool when traveling around the city with your children. Trying to get up the hills on foot with or without your buggy will be difficult. Whereas if you take the lift not only can you see the museum you and your family can continue on that level, to visit the Hohensalzburg fortress and take in the views of the city from an impressive height.

There is also a dedicated funicular to take visitors to the top of the hill, however this is a train carriage angled at about 45°. It’s going to be tough to get a stroller on and off, of the carriage. Your baby sling or baby carrier might be a better option for this part of your trip. Older children will be thrilled at this mode of transport especially when the carriage begins its ascent and seems to hover up the side of this big hill, into the sky.

Cycling in Salzburg can be a wonderful and stress free experience for parents during holiday time. There are over 170KM of dedicated cycle lanes and pathways in and around the city. Bicycles can be rented from major train stations and bicycle shops. Bicycle trailers and seats can also be rented so your kids can enjoy the ride in a safe and secure environment. You will feel just like a local peddling around the parks and roadways. The Salzburg card is worth checking out. This offers cyclists discounts on public transport, museum entry and excursion price.