Family Holidays in Austria

There are mosquitos during the summer in some parts of Austria although there have been no reports of malaria.

Insect Protection

Click here for further information on insect protection and how to deal with bites.

Dressing for the Weather

During the summer months you will need to bring a parasol or some other type of sunshade as it can get quite hot. If you are driving, travel window shades are also a good idea. Sun block is also a must for babies over 6 months.

If you are visiting in winter, remember to wrap little ones up well. It is okay to take baby out in the cold as long as it’s not uncomfortably chilly or windy and you don’t stay out too long. Kids younger than 2 are more susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite, so be cautious. When in doubt, stay in, particularly if your child is under 6 months as young babies cannot regulate their temperature and can lose heat quickly. Dress your child in layers and if younger than 12 months add an extra layer or two than you would need. A hat is a must, and be sure to protect your child’s fingers and toes also. He or she will also need waterproof boots once walking. If his or her lips have turned blue, or they have a pale nose, fingertips, or ears, they might be too cold or they could be too hot if the back of his neck feels warm or sweaty, cheeks are flushed, or a bumpy rash develops on the chest or tummy. Also beware if he or she starts acting fussy or lethargic. Everything will be fine as long as you keep warm and to spend time doing indoor activities so as not to let your little one get too cold such as visiting museums, swimming or visiting other historical sights.

First Aid

A good first aid kit is essential for any trip abroad. For more information on putting together a first aid kit, click here.

Travel Insurance

If travelling from the UK and Ireland you should ensure that you and each family member travelling has either the European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance. Irish residents can apply for the card through the HSE and UK residents can apply here . This card allows you to get health care covered by the public health system in Germany. If you have previously applied for a card make sure that it is in date before you travel. Travel insurance should be taken out if you are covered by private healthcare however check your policy as it may offer you some cover while overseas. The European Emergency number is 112 where you will get English speaking operators who can direct your call to the appropriate emergency response services.


Most pharmacists speak English well and if your child is unwell they may be able to direct you to a doctor or hospital.

Consular Services

Contact your consular service or embassy if you have been a victim of crime, arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, if you or anyone in your family has a serious illness, experience the unexpected death of a partner or spouse and for help with repatriation after a crisis. Consular offices also provide help in the case of a lost or stolen passport.