Family Holidays in Austria

You will be able to find loads of family friendly restaurants in Austria. In fact most restaurants are very family friendly and kids will be welcome.

Cafes and restaurants are generally baby friendly and will offer high chairs and many will have baby changing facilities. A lot of cafes will also have toys for children to play with and some will have outdoor play areas. It is always safer to bring a fold away high chair just in case you find yourself in a restaurant without a suitable one. Please see our regional sections for recommendations on where to eat.

High-end restaurants are a different matter, particularly in cities. High-end places in the country tend to be more relaxed but double-check.

Austrian food is distinctive and delicious, and is traditionally of the stodgy, hearty “meat and dumplings” variety. Wiener Schnitzel (a bread-crumbed and fried veal escalope) is a national dish, and Knödel are a kind of dumpling which can be made either sweet or savory according to taste. In Vienna the Tafelspitz (boiled beef with potatoes and horseradish) is traditionally served on Sundays, and is normally accompanied by clear broth with dumplings and herbs. Apart from these, Austria is renowned for its pastries and desserts, the most well-known of which is probably the Apfelstrudel. Almost every village has its own bakery, offering a large choice of freshly baked sweet and savoury rolls daily.