Hong Kong

Hong Kong with kids - a view of the city by night

Hong Kong with kids – a view of the city by night

There are some great cities to be explored in Asia with babies and toddlers and Hong Kong is one of the best. Here, the transport is fantastic and it is very easy to get around. The MTR (train system) is user friendly, English is widely spoken and understood and locals love western children and go out of their way to make the kids feel welcome. There are plenty of places to eat including all the western take away outlets and there Asian food options to make your mouth water.  The shopping in the city is also fantastic and you will be able to buy all your baby and toddler essentials there. Hong Kong has Disneyland and Ocean Park along with many other attractions that will keep the kids entertained. Disneyland is focused on the under 10’s while Ocean Park is more suitable for teenagers but toddlers will also love the animals and many of the rides.


Kuala Lumpur at sunset - family holiday in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur at sunset

Malaysia  is home to Malay, Chinese, Indian, and British traditions where you can simultaneously visit a Chinese temple, hear the call to prayer from the mosque down the street, and smell the inviting aroma of Indian food from the cart on the corner. It really is like visiting multiple countries all at one time. In Kuala Lumpur you can head up to the Skybridge of the Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world or spend a day or two at LEGOLAND Malaysia, just across the border from Singapore. The water park, themed hotel, and amusement park rides will undoubtedly keep them entertained. There are also loads of beaches and island resorts with baby and toddler friendly hotels where little ones will be spoiled rotten. Langkawi is a stunning island paradise which lies just south of Thailand where little ones can play on the stunning sandy beaches or visit the local aquarium. Penang is another superb destination where you will find a UNESCO world heritage site filled with street art and delicious cuisines. There are beaches in Penang also, making it a great option for families.


View of Mount Fuji, Japan

View of Mount Fuji, Japan

Japan is one of the best Asian countries to visit with babies and toddlers not only because of all the fun, family friendly activities but also because its ultra modern, has a great public transport system, has all your baby and toddler essentials and it is safe and stroller accessible. Japan is a year-round destination with a beautiful, varied landscape. The Shinkansen or bullet train is a high speed train which can take you all over the country quickly and efficiently without having to deal with airports. Japan is a perfect blend of new and old; Tokyo offers the most innovative technologies and skyscrapers while Kyoto is old Japan at its finest with over 2,000 temples and shrines. It’s a country rich in history and culture and also has some of the most polite and helpful people you will ever meet. Japan has countless family-friendly attractions such as watching sumo wrestling tournaments, seeing Mt. Fuji, visiting a Hello Kitty park or jumping on the cat bus at the Studio Ghibli Museum. It also has many amusement parks including Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Universal Studios and Space World that can entertain families for days. YOu will also find many Western food options in the larger cities for picky eaters such as Italian restaurants and burger joints although in a Japanese restaurant you will be able to order rice, vegetables, chicken and other nibbles for toddlers.


Bali with kids


Bali has so many wonderful qualities. From the perfect weather in every season, to the friendly Balinese who absolutely adore children. The price is cheap so you can have a luxurious vacation for a reasonable price and there are so many activities to do from water parks to monkey forests to shows.


Singapore with kids - ferris wheel

Singapore Ferris Wheel

Singapore is an ideal destination for parents with babies and toddlers. It is modern but also has a diverse range of cultures, cuisines and a unique and fascinating history.  It is also very easy to get around. Singapore has a very multicultural vibe with a strong British influence. The common language is English and you will see this everywhere which makes things extra easy.The MRT train system is excellent and taxis are relatively cheap. There are loads of family friendly attractions such as the famous Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios and there are also water parks and the world’s largest aquarium. Eating and drinking can be quite expensive in some areas such as Clarkes Quay. There are other great options that won’t cost an arm and a let. Be sure to try some hawker markets, Little India, Little Arabia and China Town for a great mix of cuisines. Department stores will have some great eateries in their basements also (and baby changing facilities).




Another great option in Southeast Asia is THailand which has a hugely diverse range of places to go and things to do for families. The islands to the south of the country are stunning and perfect for toddlers with their white sandy beaches and calm waters (be sure to check out whether there is Malaria and Dengue fever before you book). Bangkok is a bustling city with plenty of family friendly activities also (stay riverside to enjoy boat trips up and down the river rather than taking taxis or public transport). Another great option is Chiang Mai in northern Thailand which is the country’s second city. It is a rather small city and very walkable. It is surrounded by mountains with loads of fantastic activities which toddlers will love such as elephant sanctuaries, tiger parks and more. Chiang Mai also has a zoo and a 3D museum that toddlers will love.