Thai food is delicious. Much of it is coconut based and there is plenty of fresh fish and vegetables to choose from. You are unlikely to find many restaurants with high chairs in Thailand so bring a fold away high chair if you can.

Hygiene is generally good in Thailand although shell fish can cause stomach upsets. Pick a restaurant with plenty of people as it will most likely be clean and the food safe. Hotels are also a safe bet. If you are eating out in a night market, the food is generally safe. Choose food which has been cooked at high temperatures when feeding little ones.

You will be able to take your own food to feed your baby or toddler to Thai restaurants. If your child is very young bring your own spoons and cutlery. Make sure you also have a pack of antibacterial wipes on hand. For toddlers, grilled chicken and sticky rice is a good option as is fried rice or noodles with vegetables and chicken. Don’t be afraid to ask for less spice in kids dishes as they may not like this if they are not used to it. Even a small amount of spice can be harsh on young pallets.

Most good hotels will also serve Western type foods such as bread, eggs, potato, soup and cereals. There are also a number of Western restaurants in towns popular with tourists and cities such as pizza and fast food chains.