Water Quality in Bangkok

The quality of the water in Thailand is low and it is important that your baby only drinks bottled water. Bottled water is available everywhere in Thailand but please be mindful of the fact that it can be overpriced in hotels and it is cheaper to buy it in the local shops and markets. Remember to boil bottled water for infants when making formula. Most good hotels will have a kettle in the room.

Baby Food and Formula in Bangkok

Tesco Lotus and many other departments store supermarkets sell formula and nappies but you may not be able to get what your baby is used to here. It is always safer to bring your formula with you. You can also buy baby foods and some sell imported organic fruit products also. These tend to be much more expensive than at home so keep this in mind if you plan to buy food for your baby in Thailand. The 7/11 shops located on almost every street sell small packets of nappies and local formula. Be aware that you probably won’t be able to read the instructions on the carton but you should be able to ask someone in your hotel to assist you with this. If your child has progressed to solids, good hotels will be able to provide food for toddlers but be careful when eating out that you only go to hygienic reputable restaurants and don’t let your kids eat street food unless the vendor’s stall looks hygienic and the food has been cooked at very high temperatures.

For sterilizing, you can use disposable sterilizer bags. These are easy to pack and great if you’re on the move. For more on sterilizing in Thailand click here.

Nappies in Bangkok

Nappies can be purchased in most department stores or in Tesco Lotus or the local 7/11 stores. Pampers tend to be expensive however local brands are fine and you can buy these in most local stores. Swim nappies may be harder to find and you might want to take these with you.

Travelling Around the City

It is advisable to invest in a good sling for sightseeing in and around Bangkok as the quality of the footpaths is not very good in some places and the temples have many door lips and steps to manoeuvre around. Many of Bangkok’s sites are also very busy and a sling can be easier in crowds.

You will be able to book tours in and around the city from many companies in Bangkok which will offer car seats.  If you bring a car seat you can attach it to the back seat of taxis however car seats are not really used in Thailand and many people opt to hold their babies on their laps in cars. This probably will not feel comfortable however as it offers no protection in case of an accident. You can also rent a baby seat during your visit from Tiny Tots.