Singapore with a Baby or Toddler

The city has an excellent transportation system and you can travel by taxi, MRT train, buses or boat.

It is also a great city to explore on foot. The MRT stations are very clean and have free toilets. There is also a platform door between train and platform so your pram wheels won’t get stuck in the tracks. The public transport system is very stroller accessible however if you decide to take a taxi, they are reasonably priced although you may find it difficult to find one with a car seat. Car seats are not mandatory in Singapore in taxis and most people travel with infants and toddlers on their laps however, this is highly dangerous in case of an accident. If you want to use a car seat you will need to bring one with you and most airlines operating flights to Singapore from the UK and Ireland allow you to carry two pieces of baby equipment free of charge so you could bring your stroller and your car seat.