Singapore with a Baby or Toddler

Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines from around the world.

You will find quality Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Italian, French, American and other food in this city-state. Many restaurants and most hotels will offer high chairs and there are plenty of baby changing facilities in the larger more family oriented restaurants. You will also find changing facilities in the department stores around the city and in the museums. A fold away high chair is useful to bring just in case there are no high chairs where you are eating and this also allows flexibility. You can find some great food in the basement of the many department stores.

China Town is a great place to eat and many of the restaurants offer outdoor seating in pedestrianized areas. Babies and toddlers will be very welcome here and will get loads of attention from the restaurant staff. Clarkes Quay on the riverfront is also great for eating out where there are loads of family friendly restaurants serving all manner of cuisine from Mexican food to Italian, Japanese and Malay foods. The area is expensive however, so be prepared to pay a lot for your meal if you eat here!

Eating habits run the gamut, but most foods are eaten by fork and spoon: push and cut with the fork in the left hand, and eat with the spoon in the right. Noodles and Chinese dishes typically come with chopsticks, while Malay and Indian food can be eaten by hand, but nobody will blink an eye if you ask for a fork and spoon instead.  If eating in a group, serving dishes are always shared, but you’ll get your own bowl of rice and soup. It’s common to use your own chopsticks to pick up food from communal plates, but serving spoons can be provided on request.

Keep an eye out for the Singapore Food Festival, held every year in July.