Singapore with a Baby or Toddler

You will be able to find nappies, formula and baby food in many department stores. The grocery section tends to be in the basement of department stores in the city centre. Toys R Us sell nappies and wipes, Watsons sell nappies and baby bathing products and Carrefour and FairPrice supermarkets sell the range of baby products. Pampers and Huggies are sold there however they can be expensive. You will not be able to find the same formula as in the UK and Ireland and it is advisable to bring your own. You will be able to buy Nan, Enfagrow/ Enfamil, Promise and Neslac formulas in Singapore. Baby food is also widely available. Ella’s Kitchen is on sale in many department stores however it is very expensive. Heinz baby and Gerber the popular American brand (owned by Nestle) are all readily available. Most restaurants have high chairs and kids menus, especially in the Clarkes Quay area.

Using a babysitter abroad would not be for everyone but it is your decision. Most good hotels in Singapore will offer babysitting services with experienced babysitters.  If you are going out at night, ask to meet the babysitter earlier in the day and introduce them to your child. Ask them about their experience and make sure they are qualified to mind your little one. For information on using babysitting services when abroad and a checklist of questions to ask a babysitter click here.

Medical & First Aid

A good first aid kit is essential for any trip abroad. Click here for advice on first aid and how to treat minor injuries, burns and bites yourself. Doctors and hospitals in Singapore are excellent and if you or your family get sick or are injured you will be well taken care of. Make sure you take out adequate travel insurance before going to Singapore.

Sun Protection

Ensure that you bring sunblock for babies, many brands of sun block cannot be used on babies under the age of 6 months and therefore it is important to ensure that their skin is protected by keeping them away from direct sunlight and using UV protected clothing. Very light baby grows and vests might let the sun’s rays through so be mindful of this also even when you think your baby is completely covered. It is useful to buy swimwear with long sleeves also as this will protect your baby while in the water. Make sure that you also bring a sun hat for your baby as their heads can burn very quickly. A parasol will assist in keeping the sun off your baby’s skin and certain ones can be attached to your baby’s buggy. For further information on protecting your baby from the sun click here.

Insect Protection

Malaria and Dengue fever are both serious illnesses, particularly for babies and toddlers. Both malaria and dengue fever have been reported, the most recent outbreak of Dengue fever occurred in April 2015. The NHS ‘Fit for Travel’ site states that antimalarial tablets are not usually advised. This is because the rate of occurrence is so low. Travellers are advised to avoid mosquito bites and report any fevers promptly to a doctor. For more information on insect protection click here.

Jet Lag

Singapore is 6 (during Winter in the UK and Ireland) 7 (during summer in the UK and Ireland) hours ahead of Ireland and the UK. Singapore is 12 hours ahead of New York and 15 hours ahead of California.  You will also need to help your child to acclimatise to the time change. See ‘Handling Jet Lag’ for more information.