Penang is an island on the North West coast of Malaysia.

It is accessible by air or by bridge from the mainland. AirAsia run a number of flights a day there from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The historic centre of Georgetown in Penang is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is filled with colonial architecture and there is street art all over the city and small cafes and restaurant contained in old colonial buildings which are very imaginative and atmospheric. Penang hill is also worth a look as is the snake temple which is covered in harmless reptiles. There is a snake zoo farm behind the temple also which will appeal to older kids. There is a giant turtle in the zoo as well as a giant boa constrictor. The Night market in Penang is famous the world over and has been featured on many travel and cooking shows. It offers a wide variety of local dishes in an outdoor setting. Be sure to try the Laksa!

There are also a number of beaches in Penang which offer a reprieve from the city such as Batu Ferringhi which is an excellent place to base yourself. It is the ideal spot as it allows you to explore George Town which is only a thirty minute drive from here while staying next to a beach. The little beach bars are a fantastic place to relax at night and many of them are quiet and you could easily bring a baby or toddler. There are also some fantastic restaurants in Batu Ferringhi such as the garden restaurant on the end of the main street which is stunning and designed impeccably, incorporating flowers, plants and stunning lighting. They have high chairs and the staff are unbelievably friendly towards babies and toddlers. They also have baby dishes and spoons. The Western part of the island is another option however it is quieter and much further away from Batu Ferringhi and Georgetown. Hospitals are well equipped and most hotels will be able for a doctor to visit you in your room if your child is ill.