Slings and Strollers

Ideally you will have both a good, safe stroller and a sling (baby carrier) with you on your trip. Slings are handy at many of the historical sights and temples as there can be a lot of steps. You might want to bring a smaller fold up buggy for older children however it is very handy in the evenings if your baby can sleep in a buggy as you will be able to eat out while your baby sleeps soundly. Backpack strollers are also fantastic for travelling around cities where you will be jumping on and off public transport. For further information on slings and strollers click here.

Sleeping Soundly

You should bring a light grow bag if your baby is used to them. The cots offered by hotels are generally travel cots with sheets and a baby duvet or blanket on them. A blanket might also be useful for the plane. For further information on helping your baby to sleep in a new country click here.

Using Hotel Babysitting Services in Malaysia

Whether or not you utilise babysitting services is your choice however some parents would be reticent to leave their child with a stranger when overseas. Babysitting services are available in most four or five star hotels. Many of these hotels have used the same babysitters for years with no problems however it would be wise if you are going to use this service to ask to meet the babysitter earlier in the day and ask them about their skills and experience. Police vetting is not really done in Malaysia so it would be difficult to feel fully confident about the services. Just make sure you are completely comfortable with the babysitter if you decide to use one. For information on using hotel babysitting services and for a checklist of questions to ask the hotel click here.