Asia is very diverse and some countries will have water that is safe to drink. When travelling abroad it is always best to use bottled water to prepare bottles as tummy upsets can be caused where water is treated differently.

Baby Formula

The type of powdered formula and food will vary from country to country however you generally will not be able to find the same powdered formula as you would at home. Some countries such as Japan, have international stores where you can buy formula from the USA and Britain but it is always best to bring your own.

Baby Food

Heinz baby food is widely available and you will have no problem buying fresh fruit and vegetables at most destinations. Many department stores will sell fruit puree (some selling Ella’s Organic) and cereals for babies and toddlers. If you are staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel (very cheap in Southeast Asia) you will be able to order food appropriate for your child. Most good hotels will offer a selection of western dishes such as eggs, porridge, potato and toddlers usually love noodles.

Please see our destination guide for more information on baby and toddler essentials.