Morocco, Cape Verde and Egypt are popular beach holiday destinations within easy reach of Europe. In Egypt you can visit the Pyramids and other remnants of ancient cultures and also have a sun holiday in one of the Red Sea resort. Cairo is unfortunately not a very stroller friendly city and a quick stop there is all that is required. Luxar is worth visiting if you are interested in history as it is home to the Valley of the Kings. There are some wonderfully family friendly hotels here also. Sharm el Sheikh is popular for package holidaymakers from the UK and Ireland but be aware that there has been a recent terror alert there and flights in and out of the area have been halted until further notice. Morocco and Cape Verde have an abundance of family friendly hotels and accommodation options. Many of the hotels offer baby and toddler childcare, cots, high chairs and toys, which makes for a more relaxing holiday for mum and dad.

Zanzibar with kids


To the south, Africa’s family holiday highlights are Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. In each, the mixture of wildlife and gorgeous beaches makes for idyllic family holidays combining adventure with relaxation. If you are travelling from the UK or Ireland, the jet lag will not be so difficult to deal with as most of Africa lies within 4 hours of the Greenwich mean time timezone. One of the biggest draws for tourists to Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa is the possibility of going on  safari. Going on safari with a baby or toddler would be difficult given that the four wheel drive vehicles are bumpy to say the least and the locals say that travelling in one is like an ‘African Massage’. This would be difficult for a baby. Older toddlers would probably be quite happy on a shorter safari but a week long trip may be too much for them given that so much time is spent in a vehicle.

Zanzibar, Madagascar, the Seychelles and Mauritius are ideal family vacation spots offering stunning, white sandy beaches and plenty of wildlife. In Zanzibar and Madagascar you can swim with sea turtles and other local wildlife. There is also so fantastic seafood to sample and the people tend to be very welcoming towards visitors.