North America

North America has an abundance of family friendly destinations from Orlando to Niagara Falls to the beaches of Mexico, Florida and California and much more in between

You can be guaranteed baby friendly hotels and restaurants in every town and city and you will also be able to find all of your formula, food, nappies and wipes. There are also plenty of baby equipment rental outlets which means you do not have to transport large bulky equipment by plane and can rent it at your destination.

North America is filled with attractions which will please all members of the family. From Florida, you can take a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean. You can also visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World or take a trip to Universal Studios. There are also some incredible beaches in California and of course on the East Coast you have the coastal towns of Cape Cod, Fire Island and Rehoboth, to name but a few. Further South in Mexico you can enjoy the beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen and visit the ruins of the great Mayan civilisations. Canada also has an abundance of outdoor activities and its cities are very baby and toddler friendly.

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