Tenerife is the ideal spot for a family holiday all year round; it is particularly good for winter sun vacations due to its mild sunny weather in December and January…

Flight time from the UK and Ireland is just over 4 hours and this can be tough with an active toddler so remember to bring plenty of distractions and snacks for the plane.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and offers loads of family friendly beaches, hotels and resorts which cater well to parents with babies and younger kids. Most of the tourist resorts are located in the south of the islands.

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The most popular family outing for little ones will no doubt be the beach and the beaches on the island are ideal for youngsters as the waters tend to be shallow.

There are loads of other activities such as theme parks, water parks, aquariums, wildlife reserves and national parks to name but a few, See ‘Top Attractions’. Away from the mainstream tourist activities you can take tropical forest walks, enjoy the Carnival celebrations, museums and explore old colonial towns..

Getting There

Flying time from the UK and Ireland to Tenerife is between 4 and 4.5 hours. This can be easy with a sleepy baby or tricky with an energetic toddler. Make sure you plan well and bring books, colouring, snacks and other distractions for the plane.

There are two airports, Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) near Los Cristianos and Tenerife North (Los Rodeos) by La Laguna. Buses run from both airports to other towns, though you may have to change routes. They stop around midnight and start again around 5-6AM. 

Getting Around

Car hire is the best option for discovering the remote regions and national parks.  Make sure to pre book a car seat to ensure availability unless you are bringing your own. Car hire is generally around €40 per day and you may have to pay extra for a car seat.

TITSA buses cover most of the island and the buses are fairly frequent. A BONO travel card is a good idea if you intend to spend some time travelling on the buses as they can save 50-70% on journey costs. These can be bought at bus stations as well as some tobacconists. A tram line operates between Santa Cruz and La Laguna and the BONO card is valid here.

You can also pre-book a taxi with a car seat from Tenerife Airport Transfers which offers shuttle buses, minibus, limousines and coaches.

Powdered Formula in Tenerife

The tins of powdered baby milk were available in all stages with the following brands: Puleva, Nestle Nidina, Milupa Aptamil and  Hero. Prices range from €13-16 euros per tin.

Baby Food

There is a good selection of baby food in jars available including the brands – Nestle, Beech Nut and Hero. There are a lot of pureed fruit and pudding options however, it may be difficult to find more savoury options so if you are uncertain, bring your child’s favourite food with you. You might also opt to cook for your child if you will be staying in self catering accommodation and fresh food to cook with will be widely available.


Dodot, Huggies and Moltex nappies are all widely available.  Prices are an average of 0.20 cents per nappy.

You can also buy the Little Swimmers range from Huggies.

You will also find a full range of baby wipes available along with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo.

Baby Equipment Rentals

There are a number of companies on the island offering baby equipment hire such as travel cots, stair gates, sterilising equipment, buggies, car safety seats and baby monitors. Hire 4 Baby Tenerife offers online booking and can provide you with all of your essentials. You can have your order delivered to your accommodation right after you arrive.

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