Sliema and St Julians (North East Malta) with a Baby or Toddler

Sliema and St. Julian’s are Malta’s main coastal resort towns and are located close to Valletta. The area has wide footpaths, perfect for a stroller. There are also newer buses in this area which are very stroller friendly. The towns of Sliema and St Julians are separate but run into each other so you can travel easily between them. The promenade in Sliema is a popular spot in the evenings where you can eat, drink and shop. Away from the promenade, the back streets are harder to manoeuvre with a stroller so be aware of this when walking around.

The beach itself is rocky so it would be better to get a hotel with a pool. At the north end of the Promenade the sea side is dotted with loads of children’s play areas and at the south end lies the harbour where you can take boat trips or a ferry to Valletta. There are plenty of beaches nearby that are perfect for kids and the bus service to these is excellent. You could travel north to Mellieha or to Golden Sands beaches which are perfect for toddlers. There are plenty of supermarkets to buy baby food, nappies and milk in the area. One word of warning, some of the footpaths are narrow and although you may have to walk in single file, it is manageable.