Lake Garda

Family Holidays to Lake Garda with a Baby, Toddler or Young Child

Lake Garda is located in Northern Italy and is the ideal spot for a family holiday.

The wider part to the south is surrounded by hills, while the narrow northern part is enclosed by the mountains which provides a very mild Mediterranean climate. Lake Garda is a unique destination where visitors can enjoy a holiday full of relaxation, activities, fun and the thrill of discovering new places. There are plenty of family friendly hotels (See Where to Stay) and restaurants on the Lake which cater well to parents with babies and toddlers.

A trip to Lake Garda is all about walking around, visiting picturesque towns and relaxing on the beaches or at the pool. You will find larger supermarkets in the bigger towns and there is a Lidl in Bardolino. Larger supermarkets sell Cow and Gate, sold as Medina and you may also be able to find Aptamil. Bear in mind that the formula may taste different to what you can buy at home and it is always safer to bring it with you from home. See Italy, General Information for more details on what is available for babies and toddler in the country.

See below for all the information you will need to travel in Lake Garda with babies, toddlers and young kids.



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