Italy with a Baby or Toddler

Information about visiting Italy when traveling with a baby or toddler.

Italy is a destination that offers history, culture, fantastic cuisine and stunning scenery. There are so many different types of vacation that you can have in Italy that you may have trouble deciding where to go; you could opt for a city break, a beach holiday, a lake holiday or you could stay in the stunning Tuscan countryside.

Italians adore children and they are welcome almost everywhere. It is not unusual for Italians to take an interest in your little one and waiters will generally be attentive and keep your child entertained while you eat.

If you are travelling to Italy with a younger baby you will be able to visit all the major monuments and museums but a toddler may not have the patience for this and you may want to travel to Lake Garda, Tuscany or Amalfi for a quieter, more toddler centred vacation.

You will be able to get most of what you need in Italy but you might consider bringing your child’s formula as even brand names available in the UK and Ireland may taste different when purchased in Italy. Most restaurants offer high chairs but a lot of Italians eat with younger children on their laps so the high chair you get may be more suited to an older child. Baby changing areas can be found in malls, department stores and in some restaurants in the main cities but are lacking in many of the towns and villages so a fold away changing mat is also a must have.


Places in Italy with a Baby or Toddler

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