Ibiza with a Baby or Toddler

Family Holidays in Ibiza with Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Ibiza is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and is an autonomous province of Spain. There are loads of family friendly hotels, self catering apartments (See’ Where to Stay’), restaurants and activities and plenty of services suitable for parents travelling with babies and toddlers. You will also be able to buy all of your baby and toddler essentials on the island.

Flight time to Ibiza from the UK and Ireland ranges from between 2.5 to 3 hours making it manageable with younger kids.

Ibiza has become famous for the association with nightlife on the island and it is well known for its summer club scene which attracts very large numbers of tourists each year. Howerver, Ibiza has so much more to offer and the island’s Government and the Spanish Tourist Office have recently begun working to promote more family-oriented tourism and there are plenty of places for families to stay away from the nightlife where you can have a fantastic holiday in a stunning location with lots to see and do.

You will find that most people in Ibiza are very child friendly and locals are generally very helpful. It is not unusual to see local toddlers up late at night eating in restaurants and playing outside so you won’t feel out of place taking your baby or toddler out in the evenings.

There are plenty of baby and toddler friendly accommodation options on the island away from the night spots where you can have a quiet, relaxing vacation. You might also opt to rent a family friendly villa and Airbnb has a lot of baby and toddler friendly rentals.

See below for all the information you will need for travel to Ibiza with a baby or toddler.



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