Paris with a Baby or Toddler

Family Holidays in Paris with Babies, Toddlers and Kids Under 4

Paris’ museums, culture and cuisine make it an attractive destination for people all over the world. Parisians adore children and welcome them with open arms almost everywhere. If you have a younger baby you will be able to enjoy all the famous sights and museums that Paris has to offer but if your child is older you will need to break up the sightseeing with some toddler friendly activities (see ‘What to Do’ below). The city can be very tiring but there are plenty of parks to relax in where toddlers can stretch their legs.

Careful planning is required for an enjoyable trip to Paris with babies and toddlers. Many of the streets are cobble stoned, there are long queues for museums (longer during peak season) and many of the restaurants and cafes are small and narrow and difficult to enter with a stroller. If you plan carefully and mix use of a stroller with a baby carrier you can enjoy all the city has to offer!

If you prefer not to fly with a lot of baby equipment you can rent slings, strollers and other baby equipment in Paris from Baby’tems. Changing facilities are notably lacking within the city although you will find such facilities in department stores and in many of the museums. There are also some baby and toddler friendly cafes and restaurants which will have changing facilities..

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