Family holidays in Croatia with babies toddlers and young kids

Croatia, situated on the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is a fantastic destination for family holidays as the towns generally have pedestrianized squares where kids can run around and play safely. There are also plenty of hotels and other accommodation which cater well to families with babies and toddlers.Croatian prices are surprisingly reasonable — especially when compared to nearby European countries.

Where to go

Zagreb is the capital and is well worth a visit although it is inland. Dubrovnik is a UNESCO protected city and the old town is simply breath-taking. The Croatian coast is absolutely astounding and there’s no shortage of beaches, islands and islets surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise blue waters which are safe and ideal for swimming.

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Croatian Culture

Croatians are generally warm and welcoming to children however changing facilities are few and far between (although you will find them in new shopping centres and in some restaurants). Changing your baby while they are in a stroller or pram in a park or in the corner of a bustling town square is acceptable, just make sure you have nappy bags with you. Croatia is quite safe and clean and there are plenty of free parks and adventure parks located throughout the country.

Croatian Cuisine for Kids

Croatian food is a delectable combination of classic Mediterranean and Italian flavour with a new-world twist  and there is an impeccable wine selection. and there will no shortage of food for younger kids to enjoy.

Kids will be very welcome in restaurants however more often than not high chairs will not be available so bring a fold away high chair or travel booster seat if possible. You may find a children’s menu in some very big restaurants in big cities like OXBO Bar and Grill in Zagreb. Many places gladly serve you ‘family style’ meals so food can be shared among the whole table. You will be able to find a variety of food options in Croatia including pizza, pasta, risottos, stews and pastries (try the burek) and of course ice cream. If you don’t see anything, ask what is available for children or for some potato and a grilled chicken breast.

The Best Time of Year to Travel to Croatia

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, which means mild winters and gorgeous spring and summer seasons. The low season is between October and April and winters can be cold but prices are low. The Winter season brings buzz to the streets and there’s skiing in parts of the country. May, June and September are the shoulder season when it is warm but not as crowded. If you do not have kids in school, this is a great time to go. Peak season is during July and August and this time brings the best weather.  Prices are at their highest and coastal destinations at their busiest.

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