Family Holiday in Vienna with Babies, Toddlers or Kids Under 4

Vienna or “Wien” in German, is a fantastic family friendly destination which can be enjoyed during the summer or winter. There are plenty of baby and toddler friendly hotels and activities and you will be able to find all of your baby and toddler essentials here also.

Dripping in history and imbued with today’s vitality, Vienna is a must for families who enjoy European getaways. The city is accommodating to small children and toddlers and locals are friendly and family oriented. The Euro is the official currency.

The Christmas Markets in Vienna (November 15th – December 26th) are truly are an age-old tradition. There are over 20 official Advent Markets located throughout the city which sell an array of seasonal gifts and mouth-watering treats. One of the most impressive markets is the Viennese Christmas Market in front of the City Hall.

The unique backdrop gives this market a charm of its own, and the delicious aromas are sure to lull visitors into the seasonal joy. Inside the City Hall on the ground floor there is an area dedicated to children, where they can learn how to make Christmas cookies or candles. You can also listen to international choirs singing carols with free entrance on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Vienna is a very baby and toddler friendly city with plenty of amenities and facilities for babies and toddlers.

The Best Time of Year to Go to Vienna

Vienna is very manageable with babies and toddlers at any time of year. During the summer months the temperature reaches an average high of 25°C, while rain showers are regular. The little ones will need their light raincoats when traveling in summer. During winter the temperature drops right down to an average -3°C during the day. So wrap up in your winter coats if you plan to take a winter trip to Vienna. There is also a significant lack of daylight during winter, with December and January only getting around 2-3 full hours each. Christmas markets in central Europe are a real treat.

Please see below for all the information you will need for travel to Vienna with a baby, toddler or young child.

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