Family Holiday's in Salzburg with Babies, Toddlers and Young Kids

Sakzburg is a very family friendly holiday destination nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps just across the border from Bavaria in Germany. The city is home to some 200,000 people relatively small by European standards. It offers plenty of activities at all times of year for toddlers and kids under 4.

Salzburg’s Christmas markets during November and December are loved by kids and during the summer months there are loads of outdoor activities. The city has loads of baby, toddler and child friendly hotels and restuarants and in the surrounding areas there are many ‘kinder hotels’ which are specially designed with babies and toddler in mind. These hotels have soft-play areas, baby food, baby and toddler activities, creches and some even have midwives on staff!

Salzburg and its surrounding towns were pioneers in the salt trade going back centuries and that is how the area accumulated wealth and developed. It was also the birthplace of Mozart in the 18th century and his music is kept alive today with a packed programme of concerts across the city’s many churches, palaces and town squares. The Sound Of Music (set in Salzburg) has also been kept very much alive in the city and it’s surroundings with a variety of tours. The city is in the Alps, so that means lots of hills, steps and slopes to traverse  with baby or toddler. But it can be done.

Please see below for all the information you will need for travel to Salzburg with a baby, toddler or young child.

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