Malaysia With a Baby or Toddler

Family Holidays in Malaysia with Babies, Toddlers or Kids Under 4

Malaysia is a diverse country which incorporates a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian culture and is an excellent family holiday destination. It is very baby and toddler friendly as it is modern and offers all of the facilities and amenities that you will be used to in Europe and the USA. Malaysia’s centre is mountainous and malaria is a concern there. You might consider heading to Kuala Lumpur or one of the west coast towns such as Melaka or islands such as Penang or Langkawi to avoid malaria although there can be outbreaks so always consult your GP or a travel vaccination specialist before booking your trip.

The medical care is excellent and you can buy most of your baby essentials there and find a wide range of foods for toddlers to enjoy. It is a gastronomical paradise  and the street food is not to be missed, especially in Penang where the world famous outdoor street food offers something for everyone.  Malay people are generally kind and friendly and will be very interested in your child. There are also plenty of large department stores where you will be able to buy baby food and forumla (although it is expensive and imported brands are rarely available).

Malaysia is a fantastic place to take a baby however, careful planning is required to ensure that you go to the right places, stay in the right hotels and bring everything that you need. It is easier to take a child under 8 months as you will have a bassinet for the long  plane journey. Younger babies won’t need to move around on their own. But if you decide to take an older baby or toddler, you will find plenty of facilities there also and there are some great parks and beaches where toddlers can stretch their legs.

Please see below for all the information you will need for travel to Malaysia with a baby, toddler or young child.




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Places in Malaysia With a Baby or Toddler

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