Family Holidays to Asia with Babies, Toddlers and Small Kids

Asia is a fantastic destination for families as there is so much to discover. Asia is also huge and diverse covering Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, India and even includes the Middle East (although for the purposes of this guide we have included the Middle East in its own section) to name but a few. 

Choosing a specific destination in Asia can be difficult. Some great family choices include  Malaysia, Bali, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. Where you go will depend on the type of holiday you want. South East Asia offers some excellent luxury hotels at an excellent price. Thailand and Malaysia are very child friendly. The diversity of the region makes it difficult to offer travel advice that covers each country so please see our individual country information pages for more in depth information.

When to Go

Asia’s huge size is one of the reasons why it has regions of a wide variety of climates including some of the coldest, hottest, wettest most humid and some of the driest places on earth. These varied climates include the hot, dry desert environment of the centre and southwest and the hot, humid conditions of the tropical south. Japan and Korea experience all of the seasons including snow in winter, heat and humidity in summer and a lot of rain during monsoon season. Make sure to plan ahead to ensure you are not travelling at an excessively hot time or during the monsoon. The intense heat during the summer months in South East Asia can be dangerous for kids so if you are planning a trip here, consider booking in December or January.

Getting To Asia

Budget carriers and national airlines operate in and around Asia. In southeast Asia, Air Asia operates flights between all major holiday destinations in the region. Thai Airways also operates many flights within south east asia. If you are travelling around South East Asia, the best way to travel long distances with a baby or toddler is by plane.
Each country in Asia has its own infrastructure network. The train networks connecting major cities in Japan, Korea and China are excellent and you will generally be able to travel long distances quickly and easily on super comfortable high speed trains. With a few exceptions, trains that operate throughout Southeast Asia are poorly maintained, overcrowded, and slow making this an unappealing mode of transport in the region with a baby or toddler. Similarly, coach trips are not very comfortable with a baby or toddler in South East Asia for long trips and please bear in mind that the road safety in South East Asia is not good and accidents on the road are frequent. There are plenty of boat trips around areas in Thailand and Malaysia which are worth doing. Renting a  car is a good option in Southeast Asia, particularly if you want to explore one of the islands. Car rental is cheap but road accidents are high in frequency. Make sure that you pre book a car seat. The level of stroller accessibility on transport systems varies greatly from country to country so please see our destination guide for more information.

Health & Wellbeing

When travelling to Asia, make sure you talk to your GP before booking about vaccinations. It is best to avoid Malaria zones with babies and young children and the NHS has a malaria map which will show you where it is prevalent. There are sometimes outbreaks of Dengue fever in some tropical regions also so check this in advance too as Malaria and Dengue fever are very serious in infants and toddlers. Most countries in Asia will have good medical facilities. The hospitals in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are excellent and have paediatric units.

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