Cabo With Kids: Intel, Tips & Resources

Prepping for a trip to Cabo with kids? We’ve pulled together some local family-friendly resources and little-known facts about Cabo to help you pull off a fantastic vacation for the whole family

Tip #1 Kids Are SO Welcome In Mexico

In general, there is a huge family-friendly mentality throughout all of Mexico, and especially in beach towns. Mexican people adore children and its not uncommon for local people to gaze adoringly at a foreign child or to stroke his or her cheek as they walk by. Locals could also gently pat your child on the top of their head and give them a little blessing under their breath. Don’t be surprised if your children are loved and adored by anyone they come into contact with. If there’s a kids’ club on the property that you’re staying at, prepare to bid farewell to your child for the entire vacation as they will soon have a set of BFF’s to play with!

Tip #2 Leave Your Baby Weight At Home

As all parents know, the least amount of items you bring, then easier your journey to your travel destination will be. How do we ensure that your baby will sleep well on vacation? How can you guarantee that the hotel or villa you are staying in will have adequate sleeping arrangements? Avert potential vacation disaster by renting baby equipment in Cabo from a local baby equipment rental company. Baja Baby Gear will deliver premium and sterile baby equipment to your hotel or villa so that you don’t have to bring anything with you. They have full-sized cribs, which the majority of the hotels in Mexico do not keep in stock. They offer pack’n’plays with custom mattresses, organic bedding, custom toy boxes and more.

Tip #3 Beach Babies

Take advantage of the spectacular beach opportunities available throughout Cabo. Chileno Bay is located right in between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and a family-friendly favourite amongst locals. Public restrooms located on the beach are a huge plus for kids. There is a secure parking area for rental cars. The waves are typically very gentle, so young children can paddle in the rocky areas without fear of being splashed with a big wave. Famous for its snorkelling, Chileno Bay is the perfect place for children that want to learn. Throw on a snorkel mask with feet on the ground, stick your head on the water’s surface and see the little fish swimming around right at shore. Bring a blanket or a deck chair for those who need it. Snorkel gear can be rented when you arrive at the beach. Just prepare to relax and enjoy some safe beach time with your kids.


Tip #4 Full-Service On The Beach

For those that want a beach day with full amenities, our pick is SUR Beach House. This is a valet service, five-star dining and bar experience. A beautiful dining area with panoramic view of Cabo’s famous arches awaits you at SUR.  Beyond the lounge and restaurant is a beachfront area with lovely loungers and umbrellas waiting for your use. SUR Beach Club provides towels, sunscreen and even some kids’ sand toys. Park up for an entire day and enjoy the best of Cabo while enjoying fresh food and beverages brought to your lounging area. To try any kind water-related beach activity, the concierge staff at SUR Beach House will make all the arrangements for you. Mom can slip out and have a quick massage next door while dad and the kids are having a great time. There’s also a cordoned off swimmable beach area right in front of the beach club that your kids can boogie board and play safely under the watchful eye of lifeguards.

Tip #5 Local Activities For Kids

Popular water-based attractions for young children in Cabo are the Cabo Submarine or a glass-bottom boat tour. These types of tours aren’t very long. You can enjoy a short blast of activity and everybody feels like they tried something new and had a great time doing it! For land adventures, visit Wild Canyon Adventures. This is an incredible activity centre that’s home to a bird Sanctuary and reptile farm. You and your children can take a guided tour of the place with a guide. You might get to see a baby crocodile or hold a parrot for the first time. For the bigger kids in your family, ATV tours and ziplining adventures are a big hit. Wild Canyon Adventures offers something for the whole family and is a truly wonderful day out in Cabo.

Tip #6 Animal Adventures          

There are animal activities galore in Cabo San Lucas. Whale watching tours are extremely popular between the months of November and May. Watch multiple whales and their babies breeching and playing in the warm sunshine. You’re sure to see some dolphin pods while you’re out there, or Cabo’s famous local sea-lion Pancho. There’s also horse riding available either on the beach or over the desert areas. There are multiple turtle releases going on throughout Cabo at all times of the year, which is always a really awesome experience with your children.

For more information on safety and baby and toddler food and other essentials, see Latin America‘.



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