Best Travel Apps for Toddlers

When travelling long distances and eating out, you sometimes need a helping hand to keep restless toddlers from becoming frustrated. This is particularly so on airplanes where you have no choice but to sit still even though your little ones might not be in the mood to do so. There are plenty of apps which can be used offline which are both educational and fun. Here are our picks for best apps for toddlers available on both apple and android phones and tablets:

1.Toddler Flashcards (Free)

Teach your child about animals, food, objects, letters and numbers. The flashcards are interactive and make animal sounds. You can also choose to hear the words in 9 languages.

2.Peekaboo Barn (Lite version is free)

Peekaboo Barn App

Peekaboo Barn teaches toddlers the names of 16 farm animals in 10 different languages. Toddlers can also hear the sound that each animal makes

3.Paint Sparkles Draw (Free)

This app will keep toddlers that like colouring happy. There are over 230 colouring pages and 12 crayons to choose from.

4. Little Builders (€3.09)

If your toddler loves trucks and diggers then they will love this app. Kids can drive trucks, pour cement and build houses. This app is recommended for kids aged 2+.

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Free)

The Hungry Caterpillar App

Using familiar images from Eric Carle’s books, this is a fantastic first app for toddlers where early learning skills are taught in a simple and fun manner.

6. Nighty Night (Free)

Nighty Nigh App

This is a fantastic game for winding toddlers down before bedtime. You can put all the animals on a farm to bed by switching the lights off one by one.

7. Baby Balloons (Free)

This app provides a simple distraction for toddlers, allowing them to burst balloons which float around the screen.

8. Talking Tom Cat (Free)

When kids speak, Tom Cat will repeat what they say in a silly voice. If they ignore him he’ll yawn. He will also encourage them to tickle his belly , tail and feet.

9. Caterpillar’s Dream (€2.64)

This app has everything. It’s a colouring book with a video storybook and there’s also digital fingerpainting. It’s a bit pricey but there is a lot included in it.

10. Wheels on the Bus (Free)

The Wheels on the Bus App

This is another fantastic app for toddlers based on the song. You might get sick of the song after a while but it is sure to keep toddlers happy with its interactive features such as swishing wipers, spinning wheels and bubbles which can be popped.

If your child has a favorite cartoon there are also plenty of great apps based on cartoon characters available with interactive features such as Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines and of course most Disney Cartoons have an app.

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