General Information on Virgin Airlines when travelling with a baby or toddler.

General Policy

  • Virgin Atlantic has baby friendly cabin crew who can assist you throughout your flight.
  • Your baby must be healthy and at least 48 hours old to travel on Virgin Atlantic international routes (different rules and rates apply for UK domestic flights and Australian domestic flights so please contact the airline for further information).

Inflight Services

Formula and Food – Cow’s milk, formula and water (to make formula up) are all allowed on the aircraft. They must be in baby bottles or cartons, not bottles from the supermarket or flasks etc. They can be over 100ml, but only up to a reasonable amount that’s necessary for the flight. You will be asked to taste 50% of what’s taken through security. Whenever you need milk warming up, just let the cabin crew know and they’ll be happy to do it. If you are travelling with an infant that does not have an assigned seat a meal will need to be requested in advance by contacting the airline on 0344 874 7747.

In-flight cots –  Virgin Atlantic offers in-flight cots free of charge. For your baby’s safety, they don’t allow them to be placed on the cabin floor. The cabin crew will install the cot for you after take-off and advise you if your baby will need to be removed from the cot and secured on your lap should there be any turbulence. You will need to request cots in advance by calling the airline. There is a limited number of sky cots offered on a first come first served basis. The cots have very slightly different dimensions depending on your aircraft. To check your baby will fit comfortably in the cot that’s on your flight, see the dimensions below. Please note there are no in-flight cots in the Upper Class cabin on B747-400 aircraft operating to or from Gatwick or Manchester or on the Little Red (UK domestic) flights. The dimensions of inflight cots vary from airline to airline so see Virgin Atlantic’s website for further details.

Strollers and Equipment

When travelling with children or infants, you may bring a fully collapsible stroller and a car seat, in addition to your free checked baggage allowance. Strollers will fly in the aircraft’s hold. Strollers and pushchairs may be checked in or used up until the boarding gate. On landing, whenever possible the airline will have your pushchair ready and waiting at the aircraft doors. However, you may have to reclaim it at the baggage hall, due to local customs restrictions at some destinations.

Using a Car Seat

Car seats can be used on board (in Economy only) if they meet the necessary requirements. These can be found on the airline’s website. They will need a sticker which reflects that the seat meets EU or FAA safety standards (or equivalent safety standards).

For further information, please contact the airline or see Virgin Atlantic’s website.