General Information on Monarch Airways when travelling with a baby or toddler.

General Policies

  • Infants travel on their parents laps with the use of an extension seat belt. Parents carrying infants will be issued with seats that allow for an extra drop down oxygen mask for infants in the event of an emergency.
  • Infants receive a 10 kg baggage allowance on all flights (flight numbers beginning with ZB and MON) (subject to payment of hold / checked-in baggage charges).
  • Strollers,  prams and car seats are accepted for carriage free of charge in addition to the baggage allowance. Travel cots may be carried in the hold but must form part of the 10 kg infant bag allowance (on payment of the relevant bag fee.)
  • Infants do not receive a meal on board as part of the normal catering service, however parents are welcome to take their own baby food/feeding bottles on-board.
  • The airline does not have any heating facilities on the aircraft; however the cabin crew can provide hot water to help with baby feeding bottles.
  • All Monarch aircraft have changing facilities on-board in at least one WC.

For further information contact Monarch or see Monarch’s website.