General Information on Jet 2 when travelling with a baby or toddler.

General Policy

  • The minimum age of an infant accepted for travel is 14 days after birth but the carriage of children younger than this is at the airline’s discretion.
  • Infant Charges – Infants under the age of 2 years (on the date of departure of the flight concerned) may fly for a small charge of GBP 20 / EUR 29 / CHF 32 / CZK 800 / PLN 120 per flight sector, provided they sit on the knee of a fare paying adult who has responsibility for that infant. Only one infant per adult is permitted to book and travel with
  • All children over the age of 2 are charged the adult ticket price and it is a safety requirement that they occupy their own seat for takeoff and landing and when the seatbelt sign is displayed.

Strollers and Equipment

Collapsible pushchairs/buggies or children’s car seats up to a total maximum weight of 10kg (for both items) do not form part of the baggage allowance and may be carried free of charge on a limited release basis as checked luggage. If the combined weight is more than 10kgs excess baggage charges will apply. There must be an infant or child on the booking.

Baggage Allowance

You do not receive a full luggage allowance for your infant, but you do for any child over the age of 2 for whom you have purchased a seat. For your family’s convenience, subject to local conditions, collapsible pushchairs/ buggies may be used up to the aircraft steps/air bridge and can be reclaimed immediately upon disembarkation or at Baggage Reclaim. Collapsible pushchairs/buggies or children’s car seats up to a total maximum weight of 10kg (for both items) do not form part of the baggage allowance and may be carried free of charge as checked luggage for any infant or child on the booking. These items will be carried on a limited release basis, subject to space availability on the aircraft – if there is insufficient space, the items will be forwarded on the next available flight. Anything over the allocated 10kgs will be charged for at the prevailing excess baggage charge.

If you are travelling with a baby it is wise to have extra supplies of necessary infant items in your hand baggage, such as infant milk (powdered or liquid form) and nappies. Please be aware that baby milk and foods may be required to be tasted or tested by the responsible adult/airport security.

Using a Car Seat

People travelling with infants or very young children (aged 6 months to 24 months and weight 9-18kg) may be able to use their own car type infant seats, subject to its suitability, onboard the aircraft. Car seats must be front facing and of the type that can be properly secured on the aircraft seat by use of the normal aircraft seat lap straps.

Please note that the standard dimensions of the aircraft seats are as follows: Depth 24.5cm, Width 43.6cm and Height 70.5cm.

Customers wishing to use their own infant car seats must purchase an aircraft seat which will be charged at the appropriate fare. For safety reasons, a window seat will be allocated wherever possible. Please be advised that with the number and variety of infant car seats available on the market, it is not possible for us to guarantee in advance that any particular seat is suitable for use. In the interests of safety, reserves the right to refuse permission for the use of certain types of car seats on the aircraft or during take off and landing. In these circumstances the infant must be carried on the adults lap (under 2 years) or in a seat using the standard lap belt (2 years and over).

For further information contact the airline or see Jet2’s website.